10 January 2007

Twirly bits.

Spent a while this evening drinking coffee in a civilised manner in the rather lovely Tyneside Coffee Rooms. The cappuccino's not as good as at the much lamented Intermezzo, but it makes a good substitute (note to self: must get round to writing up my highly biased 'guide to cappuccinos and other frothy coffees in Newcastle'. Which will have about three entries.)

Anyway, the Coffee Rooms currently live in the superbly grandiose Old Town Hall in Gateshead, for reasons too complicated to go into (Tyneside Cinema, refurbishment, lots of Lottery cash...). I have to say I rather like Victorian grandiose, particularly if it includes lots of twirly bits. There's probably a technical architechty term for all that kind of stuff - you know, all the fancy decoration on ceilings and pillars and the like. But twirly bits will have to do. And the Old Town Hall has them in spades, which is rather nice to look at while you're drinking coffee and pondering on the meaning of life, the universe and what you need to get done by the end of the month.

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