13 February 2012

An energetic weekend

Sundays are quite busy in our house. Yesterday, we skated at the ice hall, ate buns at the ABC caf, then headed off into the wilds of Noljakka for some skiing and potkukelkka-ing.

It was great fun, even if I did get overtaken by a lot of supercharged grannies (bet they all had porridge for breakfast). I may need to practice a bit more, as the hills were really hard - or maybe it's the fact that I had scones for breakfast, not porridge. Hmm. The brown ninja did a good line in running alongside, anyway, while Orb manfully potkukelkked up the hills.

When we got to the end, the brown ninja decided to throw herself down the massive mound of snow you can see here. She knows no fear at the moment.

The rest of the day was rather more sedate. A trip to Citymarket to do the weekly shop, followed by chicken pie in front of the Frozen Planet. The cat has rather taken a liking to the penguins, and sits glued to the screen.