26 January 2007

Alpha Mummy

This just makes me want to spit. It's The Times' attempt at a blog for "mums who work, used to work, or want to go back to work one day". Aside from the fact that it's mostly a blatant promotional tool pointing you to old Times articles and that the blog posts could be comfortably filed under 'money for old rope', it's the general tone of the whole thing that really bugs me. It's the subtle insinuation that 'you're only worth something if you're involved with the world of work' which pisses me off.

You know, staying at home while your child is small should be classified as work too. I happen to think that it's a worthwhile thing to do. Yes, it wouldn't suit everyone. But it's a valid choice. And a difficult one too. So how about making those of us who do that feel loved and wanted for a change, instead of insinuating that we don't really count. Why not a blog that looks at things for all mothers? Or, to be honest, all parents?

Rant over. Heave chip off shoulder. I'm off to find a glass of wine.

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Clair said...

Yes, and it looks like it's all penned by freelance journalists, working from home, and some of whom will have a fat retainer to pay for child-care with...