26 April 2009

Allotment frenzy (4)

Spent a happy afternoon down the allotment today - the perfect way to recover after my stint yesterday as the back legs of a pantomime horse (don't ask).

The latest additions - sugar snap peas and broad beans that have been quietly growing on the window sill and in the cold frame. Let's hope the slugs (and the pigeons) leave them alone.

I also planted some coriander and speedy salad leaves, and started off some runner beans in the cold frame. Now all I need to do is remember what I've planted where...

23 April 2009

Beach art

Rolf Harris, eat your heart out.

21 April 2009

The folding beast in action



Despite forgetting to take the instructions with us on the inaugural trip with the Rapido Confortmatic, we didn't do too badly...

20 April 2009

Allotment frenzy (3)

Gill found this round the back of the shed during a clear out. I think it's been there a while.

As opposed to these, which M and her Dad made last week, in an attempt to keep the pigeons off. Sadly, they appear to have no effect on slugs (I daren't tell M that all her precious radish leaves have been munched).