05 January 2007

Arts Corner: Telly-tastic

Is it just me, or has this been the most ridiculous week for telly ever? Normally I watch a bit here and there, mainly (oh, the horror!) while having tea, but this week there's actually been things I've wanted to watch, ranging from Ken Branagh's making of the Magic Flute (bit of a left-field choice, but I've been a fan since seeing him do Hamlet), to Torchwood, This Life+10 and all the Monty Python stuff. I'll have square eyes by the end of it all. And you'll be bored witless with the Arts Corner interludes.

Here's the scores on the doors so far:

Arena - The Archers: dull, dull, dull apart from the last 5 minutes (4/10)
Torchwood: unintentionally hilarious (6/10)
This Life +10: disappointing (5/10 - with 1/10 for hair)
Kenneth Branagh Films The Magic Flute: still on video, awaiting consumption
What the Pythons Did Next: ditto
Green Wing Special: need you ask? (11/10)

I promise to go away and do something other than watch telly now. Like read a good, improving book, learn how to macrame or make muesli. Or simply have a life.

Oh, in other news, the starving swans have stopped being quite so vicious. Turned up today with M and a load of bread to be met with polite indifference. I think they've had a bonanza two weeks over Christmas, and are now planning a little light swanning about in a bid to work off some calories.

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