23 July 2009

In which Captain Jack endures yet another costume change

This one's for the South Pole, apparently.

To make up for recent indignities, he does, however, have a rather pimped ride:

13 July 2009

In other news...

I'm over at Enjoy the Ride for the next two weeks, with a series of tips on kids and gardens.

In which Captain Jack dons a multicoloured cape...

and channels his inner Rick Wakeman.

11 July 2009

Druridge Bay

It all looks rather Mediterranean, doesn't it? It being Northumberland and July, I still kept my fleece and long trousers on. Cast na'er a clout and all that. Oh.

We finally got the flexifoil out today - it's been in storage rather a long time (flying an 8ft powerkite isn't really recommended while pregnant, and we've been rather occupied with bucket and spade work ever since). I'd forgotten how much fun it is - today was a nice light breeze, but you could still make the kite travel pretty fast and pull a few stunts (and make your arms ache like billy-o).

We didn't abandon the bucket and spade though:

07 July 2009

196 recipes and counting...

It's almost a year since I started Recipes for Millie, and I'm nearly up to 200 recipes. That's not bad, considering there's some things I make quite often, we eat out occasionally, and we've been on holiday for a couple of weeks too.

It's fascinating looking at my virtual shopping list - I've tagged each recipe with the main ingredients, to make everything more searchable. Here's my top 5, and the numbers of recipes they're mentioned in:

chicken (18)
lemon (17)
tomato (14)
courgette (12)
apple/cheese/leeks/onion (10)

It'll be interesting to see how the produce from the allotment skews the recipe collection - will I have 95 recipes involving potatoes, or will it be rather like the gooseberry glut (where all I've done is make jam)?