25 June 2009

Hello, world

Just a quick hello *waves* to anyone visiting from Enjoy the Ride, where I've been interviewed about blogging, cake and all sorts of other stuff. My first interview - I'm dead chuffed! Nice to meet you all, anyway. Do make yourselves at home, peruse the endless gardening/cake photos, and generally have fun.

A day out (not in the rain for once)

It's come to a pretty pass when your three-year-old takes better pictures than you do (although she's rather more fascinated by things on the floor than I am). Here's a selection of her recent work at Souter Lighthouse. It's a fantastic place to visit - a great pirate ship and train outside to clamber all over, fancy dress pirate/princess costumes, and a tower with more steps than you can shake a stick at.

For once, it wasn't freezing cold and raining, so we had a picnic. It's amazing how nice cream cheese and pickle sandwiches taste in the open air, even when you are surrounded by two bus-worths of small schoolchildren who also happen to be visiting on a day trip.

15 June 2009

Allotment mosaic

The tomatoes get a new home

It remains to be seen how long their plastic fortress lasts, given the force 9 gales that seem to sweep through on a regular basis...

13 June 2009

Car parking, 1960s style

More photos from the Manors car park - I love the little jaunty man icon!

So much to post about, so little time - visiting the new Great North Museum, two camping trips in the Rapido, and lots of interesting design exhibitions. I'll get there in the end - in the meantime you'll probably find more up-to-date ramblings on twitter.