23 September 2009

Millennium Bridge

Even on my terrible tacky camera phone, the Millennium Bridge still looks awesome at dusk:

21 September 2009

Why I love a good vide-grenier

Collapsible stables: 2 euros
Two small ponies: 20 cents

One small child happily washing/grooming and racing ponies: Bargain.

10 September 2009

It's all gone very green down on the allotment...

Here's the two main culprits from the current glut: courgettes and runner beans

The latter I've pickled, in a desperate attempt to stem the tide.

In other news, we've got sweetcorn. Hurrah!

09 September 2009

Work, motherhood and a balancing act

A fantastic post on having it all, working for yourself, and balancing work and motherhood over at Superhero Journal:

"I have been living with the belief that I can probably have everything I want, just not everything at the same time. Right now, I am choosing my creative work with Mondo Beyondo and time with family over most anything else. This means that we eat a lot of macaroni, takeout thai food and drink a lot of coffee around here. Our house isn't grand or exactly how we want it, but we live next door to a park and we spend a lot of time outside. In the end, I want to know that I didn't miss this time with Ben. I also want a rich creative life, to do work I love, and to enjoy how things are right now."

Me too.

06 September 2009

Happy Birthday!

Following on from the multi-coloured coat cake, and the strawberry cake, may I present the princess palace in all its sticky glory...

Note to self: next year, it might be a good idea to try something a bit less complicated if you're going to assemble it in the middle of a windy beach in Northumberland...

The rest of the birthday celebrations were equally popular. We may have hit horse obsession.

02 September 2009

September resolutions

* I will stop whinging about how cold and grey this summer has been up north, and start looking forward to windy beaches for flying kites, frosty spider webs, the leaves falling off the trees and hunting for conkers.
* I will try and start collecting all the Recipes for Millie together, to make a book for her.
* I will dig furiously at the allotment, and get rid of all the weeds.
* I will bake and bake and bake to get rid of all the courgettes.
* I will finish my knitting project (fat chance).

Wake me up at the end of the month, and I'll let you know how far I've got...