04 January 2007

It's Love, Actually

I have fallen in love.

Now, don't get your hopes up. I realise this could possibly be considered an overly dramatic way to open a blog post, but trust me, the more drama the better. Particularly when you realise that I'm talking about falling in love with a hand cream... Sad, I know, when that's the highlight of the year so far, but us suburbanites have to take what they can get.

So, in a bid to big up the dramatic tension, let's cue the romantic music, bring on some soft focus and shag pile carpets (that sounds a bit 1970s, but it's probably 'retro' or 'ironic' at the moment, and therefore very cool indeed), and introduce the product of the moment:

ta da! Banana hand cream. Who would have thought it? But it (a) smells gorgeous and (b) works a treat on knackered hands like what I have got. Even if wearing the lovely cotton gloves provided with it did remind R of his Nanna. Which is probably not de rigueur at bedtime.

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