09 November 2007

On beauty

I don't know if you've ever been, but aside from the natty statue of Cyrano de B (usually minus his nose), Bergerac's got a rather good beauty emporium tucked away up near the market. I was never bothered about that sort of thing until I hit 30, had a small child and managed to acquire grey hair and wrinkles - and to be honest, it's still not very important, but it at least means that I notice beauty emporia when I'm wandering past.

Anway, said shop (Sephora) is very friendly, has nice own-brand moisturiser and always gives you a free sample of some cosmetic or other when you buy anything. I tend to stick them in a drawer and forget about them for several months.

A couple of days ago, I found one, called Baume Jeune Longtemps Secret de Clarins (Clarins' Secret Younger Longer Balm). It smelled nice, and felt pretty good when plastered across baggy eyes at 6.30am. Ok, I thought. I'm not normally one for spending a fortune on this kind of thing - but I'll push the boat out. Maybe it'll cost me 15-20 quid, but if it makes me feel better at that sort of time in the morning, why not?

81 euros, that's why not.

81 euros?!

I think the French take their beauty regimes somewhat more seriously than I do...

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