08 November 2007

Kids Telly

Finally, someone who agrees with me on the horrors that await on CBeebies. I can't bear to watch any of it. It's loud, brash, full of irritating, badly-drawn cartoons, stereotyped to the nines, and seems to consist of endless episodes of The Shiny Show and Bob the Builder (the only consolation is at least James Blue Cat might be getting some repeat fees out of it).

I know I'm well outside the demographic, but a bit of consideration for the poor parents watching this nonsense would be good. Or do the channel's producers just assume that it's being used as a babysitting device?

We do watch a bit of stuff - all of it on video or DVD. In the grand tradition of Watch with Mother, the two of us settle down after lunch, or just before tea for a couple of episodes of Kipper (you can't beat a good jazz soundtrack), Bagpuss or current fave, Shaun the Sheep (it's got Vic Reeves singing the theme tune - what more could you want?!).

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