14 August 2007

Ooh, telly!

By some miracle, I have actually managed to sit down and watch two telly programmes over the last couple of evenings, instead of pootling about online and wasting hours on social networking. I know Facebook's hip and trendy, but lordy, it isn't half time-consuming. Time which could be much better spent goggling in front of another box, obviously, rather than reading improving books, sorting my filing pile or painting the damn wardrobe doors, which still aren't finished.

Still, I've finally got round to watching the first episode of Heroes, which wasn't bad at all. Liked the concept, nice script and watchable characters. 45 minutes passed quite quickly, and I'll probably give the second episode a go.

Jamie at Home, however, will be staying firmly in the box, although I'll probably buy the book because the recipes were excellent. Great lad, Jamie Oliver, it's just a shame he's so irritating on tv. Nice website though - and thorough, with stuff on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace...someone knows their marketing onions, that's for sure.

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