30 August 2007

Go go go Joseph

Tuesday afternoon

Bored two-year-old prowls the living room. Suggest drawing pictures to keep her quiet for 10 minutes while I have a cup of tea. Get crayons out, small child decides to create a picture of 'the Joseph man' (curly black hair, multicoloured coat, big smile - every colour in the crayon box used). Cup of tea drunk, I label the aforementioned features, and have a bright idea.

Half an hour later

Picture encased in an envelope (small child beside herself at the thought of sticking stamps on), together with an SAE. Placed in the back of the tricycle with Ballerina Bear for the trip to the post box, 200 yards away. Twenty minutes later, operation complete.

Thursday morning

Suspiciously familiar envelope arrives through the door, bearing a signed photo of the lovely Lee Mead in his Joseph outfit. Small child runs round the living room shouting 'he's wearing a dreamcoat. It's got buttons!' Quite.

Thursday afternoon

Yet more requests to watch the 'coat song'. My 10-minute amusement strategy might have backfired somewhat.

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