16 August 2007

More tea, vicar?

Ah, the delights of the office tea trolley. I suspect that everyone's getting maudlin about the thought of builder's tea, melted Penguins, packets of prawn cocktail crisps and those little manky two-packs of biscuits that you get in hotels. Mmmm.

Actually, I shouldn't be sarcastic about this, given that (a) I've never worked anywhere with a functioning tea trolley, and (b) I currently work from home and have permanent access to a coffee pot and chocolate biscuit stash (Choco Leibniz, since you ask). Sadly I have to go downstairs to access this, but you can't have everything.

While I'm not much cop with tea trolleys, I can tell you that the BBC canteens are every bit as odd as they're made out to be. The one in Newcastle used to do a very good line in Danish pastries on Fridays, and their tea/toast combo for breakfast was excellent. But when you pottered into a deserted canteen at 9pm to heat up your tea in the microwave, it was all a bit spooky.

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