06 October 2007

This new-fangled stuff is marvellous, you know.

I have moved into a new age of technology.

Videos? Pah.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:



(preferably hyphenated).

It's marvellous, I tell you. Yes, I know it's probably about three years after the rest of the population discovered this fact, and yes, I wouldn't have tried it at all if I wasn't so supremely incompetent with a video that I'd failed to record two episodes of Studio 60. But hey, I have finally arrived in 2007.

I have now decided that watching a tv programme on your laptop in bed while eating dark chocolate is the height of decadence.


Beth said...

Don't put yourself at the back of the queue for gadgets yet. We're still using a video recorder that can't be programmed. There is much ringing of the parents involved and promises to come and visit. Surely a gadget would be cheaper?

rach said...

I've decided the only way forward is to give up telly altogether, and just listen to Radio 4 instead. I've got enough Pingu videos to keep me going...