20 October 2007

The perils of taking a night off

1. You realise that you've wasted hours watching Hot Fuzz on DVD when you could have been reading the new Nigel Slater book, Eating for England. Bah.

Hot Fuzz was great for the first hour, really tightly plotted, nicely grisly and stupidly funny. Then it lost its way - endless action sequences bore me witless, especially when I don't know which film(s) are being parodied. And a whole DVD of extras?? Where do these folk get the time?

2. Consequently, you don't check your email, and head blithely out into town the next day for lunch at a fine noodle establishment, followed by a bit of light shopping, and a visit to a couple of design exhibitions.

The design stuff was great - lots of recycled products that made you think 'yes, I can do that!'. Even if it would mean collecting hundreds of cardboard boxes and bottle tops, Blue Peter-style, that would clutter up the house for weeks on end in a thoroughly annoying manner. I especially liked a coffee table made out of a washing machine drum, and a recycled formica table.

I was so inspired I went and bought a Pantone mug that I've been lusting after for weeks. Oops. 5757C, since you ask.

3. After a long day of eating, shopping and watching Strictly Come Dancing, you log onto your email to discover that bloody Wagamama have sent you a 2for1 offer, valid for Saturday 20 October only, to celebrate the rugby world cup.



patroclus said...

Ooh, I have one of those Pantone mugs too - the orange one. They're great.

That sounds like a fab night off and day out to me, despite the action sequences and missing the noodle offer.

rach said...

Yes, I feel very hip and trendy now, with it proudly sitting on my (minute) desk.

And it's dishwasherproof! Marvellous.

Actually, it was a very good night off/day out. I'm a born whinger, sadly. And find it easier to whinge/poke sarcastic fun at stuff rather than write properly nice blog posts!