13 July 2010

Oh heck

I'm not quite sure how it got to nearly the middle of July without me noticing. Perhaps it was the ridiculous workload (cue usual freelance gripe of having either no work or five projects that ALL NEED FINISHING THIS MINUTE OR ELSE), or maybe it was just my caffeine-induced stupor (I've finally managed to track down a cheap Nespresso machine on eBay).

Anyway, it might at last be time to return to the blogosphere. There's about 500 posts I need to write (including one going back as far as April when we went to Paris, which is just ridiculous). I may have to add them all to my TeuxDeux list.

There's not been much going on over at Recipes for Millie either - I suspect meals in our house haven't been particularly inspired recently. What exotic cooking there has been has been focused on whatever there is going spare at the allotment - so I seem to have made 947 jars of gooseberry jam (well, 14), lots of strawberry jam, and more things involving chard than you can shake a bamboo cane at.

UPDATE: Right, new recipes now include

Gooseberry ice cream
Chorizo and chard tart

To follow soon - a review of a rather fantastic new cookery book from the folks at Little Dish.

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