23 June 2010

Cheap days out: A quest!

Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny and warm day that we headed out to Newcastle's Quayside on a quest. Our mission? To (a) photograph six things and (b) find some ice cream. Both admirable, I'm sure you'll agree. And cheap - our total spend for the afternoon came to £1.60 for an ice cream.

The quest turned out to be a great way of going for a walk - it made us stop and look at things really closely, rather than just hurrying from a to b. And it was a chance for M to play about with her tiny camera, which she loves. The quayside is also a tip top place for scooting.

Anyway, our list. We needed to find:

Boats (we parked down near the Free Trade, and found fishing boats and a naval ship)

Lavender plants (M's suggestion)

Bridges (here's part of the Millennium Bridge)

A seagull (there were lots of them, roosting under the Tyne bridge)

A castle and a moat (so we wound our way up to Newcastle's castle, photographing castles on bins, embossed in walls, and set into the pavement, before finding the real thing). I would upload a photo, but the castles are all on M's camera rather than mine.

There was lots of scooter action, and a particularly good chocolate ice cream at Risis Ices. We may be repeating our day out again soon...

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