18 July 2010

Days out no 7,342: Whitby

We had a fantastic time in Whitby yesterday. I'd not been for years - mainly because it's quite a hike from Newcastle. There's lots to do though - we headed to the Pannett Art Gallery (part of Whitby Museum) to see an exhibition by Len Tabner. M loved the seascapes and the cases showing his sketchbooks, oil paints and pastels. We speculated whether he'd sketched everything out, and then gone home to his studio to paint - but it turns out most of these pretty enormous canvases were done by Len on site, whether on the deck of a ship or out on the beach. Not sure how he managed it...

Next to the gallery is Pannett Park, which has one of the best children's playgrounds I've seen in a long time. It's all done on a nautical theme - I loved the wooden sea monster hidden in the ground, and the pirate ship that rocked to and fro on springs. Swinging in the hammock made me feel seasick...so let's hope it's *very* calm when we sail from Harwich to Denmark later this summer.

We wandered along the harbour front and found a crab line for Cornwall (may need advice on what to actually do with the damn things if we catch them), and marvelled at the range of tat and Dracula material on display. The pier was great (and extremely windy), and the view out to sea/along the coast was stupendous. The weather did one of those things it often does up on the Northumberland coast in the evening - the wind dropped, the sun came out, and bathed the town in light.

We finished off our day with fish and chips (and mushy peas - M's Grandad will be very proud). A perfect day trip.

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