20 June 2010

In which we unveil our library cake to the world...

Ta da!! Here's the cake in all its glory:

Part 7, Sunday lunchtime

Our flashmob picnic took place in Saltwell Park, so the heavies were assembled to move the cake.

It was gingerly placed in the boot of Kate and Adam's car.

Part 8, Sunday afternoon, Saltwell Park

Cakebook picnic!

We all had our photos taken with the finished cake, seen here on a trolley before its final move into place on the grand Cakebook map.

Putting our library onto the giant map of Newcastle and Gateshead wasn't an easy task. The river was made out of icing, and there were lots of sweetie street lights, bourbon biscuit roads and marzipan cars, not to mention the other buildings, to avoid. Luckily, our removal team had had lots of practice by this point.

Finally, it was there!

As the map slowly filled up with buildings, we got to see the Get Carter car park made from bourbon biscuits, a beautifully iced high level bridge, the Earl Grey monument, and a stunning St James' Park, complete with marzipan crowd.

Several of the cakes suffered in the heat (the Theatre Royal and the Byker Wall had a bit of a collapse), but the whole thing looked absolutely amazing.

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