08 January 2008


We've just had the most fantastic hailstorm engulf our house, thundering on the roof and lashing against the windows. Rather nice, in a kind of 'I'm nice and warm inside so I don't really mind what it's doing out there as it makes me feel even cosier' sort of way. I'm not sure anyone walking past would have taken the same view, given that there appeared to be about 1m visibility in any direction. But from inside, it was all rather dramatic.

Our house is perched on the side of a hill, with a view down to the twinkling lights of Team Valley and a bend of the river Tyne. Which, does in fact twinkle, if the sun deigns to shine. Hey, it's all twinkles round these parts.

I like looking out of my office window and surveying the landscape, especially the lights - it reminds me on days when I've been sat in front of my computer for hours that there are other folk out there. The view's due to change slightly in the next few months (the college over the road is moving, and the buildings are scheduled for demolition, with new flats/houses/blah planned), but the bit of the Valley that I can see through the gap in the two houses opposite should stay the same.

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