16 January 2008

Great days out in the rain no.947

I'm sure it only ever pours down when we go off on a trip somewhere. This time we set off up north to Edinburgh - yes, I know it's even colder than Newcastle, but this was a birthday surprise for the other half. Not sure he'd have been too surprised with a day out three miles away.

Anyway, things to do in the rain with a small child:

East Coast Main Line: actually getting there on the train was entertaining. Although I'm not sure the rest of the carriage enjoyed the 55th rendition of Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat as much as I did (M is still in her Andrew Lloyd Webber phase, but seems to have moved on from Joseph. Although the "Joseph Man's" signed picture still has pride of place above her bed. But I digress.)

Camera Obscura: M hated the camera itself (to be fair, it was a pretty gloomy day, and you couldn't see an awful lot), but the rest of the building is full of excitement like plasma spheres, mirrors that turn your head into Marge Simpson's, and very odd holograms (giant tarantula, anyone?)

Museum of Childhood: lots of things to play with, as you might expect. And the very Dick Bruna frieze from 1973 that M has in her bedroom on the wall. Although bizarrely theirs has W for Walrus, whereas mine is W for Whale.

Shop: lots of nice ones on Cockburn Street, with some rather funky Highland Coos to play with (and not buy, as we risk being buried under an avalanche of small furry creatures as it is).

Eat pizza: although preferably not at La Rusticana, which was pretty overpriced.

After all that we collapsed in an exhausted heap on the train home. Except for the two-year-old, who was still going strong at 9pm....

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