04 January 2008

Oops. I appear to have mislaid my life. Hang on...there it is, drowning under a sea of work.

I'm temporarily relocated for the evening, surrounded by a roaring log fire, two sleeping children and a snoring cat. Sadly, the work appears to have come with me, so I'm procrastinating by reading the news online and blogging.

You didn't miss much over Christmas. Not that Christmas was terrible, far from it. Lots of presents to send the small one delirious (it really is fun pretending that Santa ate the mince pies, and drank all the whisky), a rattling good time visiting hordes of rellies, and a very sweet Christmas day that involved a bracing walk in the park battling the ravenous geese. But nothing of any national importance to report.

In fact, not much on the telly either. Dr Who not bad, Ballet Shoes ok (but can't compare to the original), and the half hour I watched of Finding Nemo reminded me how much I liked it the first time round. Oh, and Alesha deserved to win Strictly Come Dancing, in this household's opinion. I'm going to miss getting dressed up in my sparkly shoes (it's mandatory in our house) on a Saturday night.

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