18 August 2011

Our new house, part I

We rather like our (rented) Finnish house. It's amazingly warm and cosy, which is rather a novelty after the draughty Victorian/Edwardian terraces we've always lived in in the UK. I don't think I've ever lived in a house this new either - it's only two years' old.

Here's our living room, complete with 1960s sofa salvaged from the Red Cross shop for 40 euros:

We also have a stove, for when the weather turns cold:

We have a compact, but bijou kitchen, complete with the largest fridge/freezer combo you have ever seen (you've only got the fridge part of it here in the picture)

And then there's three bedrooms, a bathroom/sauna, a utlity room and a loo room. Plenty of space for all of us and the cat...

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