17 August 2011

Blueberries, part II

These pictures were taken on Sunday, when we headed off into the woods again, this time to Lykynlampi. It's about 5k north of where we live, and has all kinds of walking/hiking trails, and some rather good blueberry spots. We might return soon for some lingonberries (and we also have plans to gather some pine cones for firelighting use in our stove, once we get a run of dry weather).

Lykynlampi is an absolutely gorgeous spot. The sunlight was dripping through the trees onto the forest floor, which was studded with blueberries. We also found the lake, with its firepit and outdoor sauna (the first is quite tempting - we might come back for a picnic - but we might give the second a miss. I think we need to try out the sauna in our own house first!).

So far we've stuffed our faces with blueberries as they are. I've also made some blueberry muffins, and filled the (massive) freezer with berries. It's all down to our magic collecting device:

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Allyaec said...

That's awesome! Blueberries are lush :)