06 July 2011

I think we're going to like Finland just fine...

Any place that has Moomin biscuits can't be bad!

The packing madness continues unabated, and things are being divided into three piles: ship to Finland, store in UK or recycle/ebay/give away. It's like an enormously complicated jigsaw puzzle. Only without the picture that you can look at for help.

The other challenge is letting organisations know we are leaving the country for a year. Most places are just set up for people moving house rather than moving country, so it's proving interesting. You practically have to show a death certificate to the TV licence people, to prove you no longer want a tv licence....

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

Mumintroll!! Oh wow! Had no idea that there are biscuits like this. I simply love Tove Jansson's books and just can't overlook the possibility to have this kind of cookies somewhere nearby. Good luck!

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