02 July 2011

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to work I go!

And not just any old work. On 28 July Orb, M and I are off to sunny Finland for a year, as I'm leaving freelance life and taking up a post at the European Forest Institute in Joensuu.

That's here:

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(yes, it's a long way north of Gateshead...and yes, we'll be packing our sledge)

We leave on 28 July - which leaves 27 days to pack up and rent our house, ship out our belongings, and arrive (via three flights) in sunny Finland. Eek.


Theb said...

WOW!! Yes, that's it really. I'd just thought you guys were off on hols to Finland, but now I guess you were off on a job interview. Don't get too blase about the trees. I won't try and see when we come north in September for a Durham wedding. See you much, much later I guess. Tell us about the job.

DrBMBridge said...

Very cool! Best of luck.