01 March 2011

The rain in North Yorkshire...falls mainly on Whitby

It was a rather cold, wet and gloomy day in Whitby on Saturday. As we arrived, the rain was lashing down along the seafront, making all the bucket and spade shops look a bit bedraggled. I do like the 'kiss me quick' end of Whitby - the bit with the amusement arcades, ice cream shops and winkle stalls - but it did all look a bit damp.

Luckily, Whitby's absolutely stacked with fish and chip restaurants, so we found a nice one and ensconced ourselves with fish, chips, mushy peas and the obligatory cup of tea. There's something very comforting about sitting in a cafe with steamed up windows on a rainy day, I always think.

But Whitby's always fun, even in the rain. We saw umpteen gothic shops, walked past the very entertaining Dracula Experience, and found the best sweet shop in the world at the bottom of the Abbey steps (we can heartily recommend the chocolate fudge).

The sun finally appeared for 10 minutes later on in the afternoon - here's the playground up by the art gallery/museum, where we made the most of the non-deluge.

Budget for the day: £1.60 on fudge. We were taken out for lunch for the fish and chips - yeay!

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