07 May 2010

Lots to do

My to-do list for this weekend is ever-increasing. So far, it reads:

  • review the latest Katie Cleminson book which the lovely people at Random House have just sent to M
  • get down to the allotment and start on the endless weeding, or else it'll just be a jungle down there
  • keep up with my French tapes (ah, the wonders of Michel Thomas...shortly to be followed by some BBC French and possibly some free Open University stuff)
  • work (boo hiss) - a little light proofreading, and some updating of e-learning materials
  • hoovering (yawn)
  • knit the sleeves of M's new ballet wrap (which will be ready by December at this rate)
  • keep up-to-date with the election news
  • sleep
Somewhere, I also need to fit in cooking some meals, playing with M and having some grown-up conversations with her dad. I might even want to watch some telly.

Argh. I'll get back to you on all this....

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