13 May 2010

Books, books and more books (part 2)

The lovely people at Random House sent me and M another book to review last week. You remember the fantastic Box of Tricks? Well this is by the same author, the very talented Katie Cleminson. Called Wake Up: It’s going to be a busy day… it tracks a little boy through his daily routine from getting up to going to school to going to bed – accompanied by elephants, hippos, lions and cats.

The drawings are beautiful (the cat was a huge hit with M), and the juxtaposition of the animals, boy and daily life provoked gales of laughter – especially the tea time scenes. I loved the boy/cat stretches as well. She’s not the best writer of rhymes (I suspect Julia Donaldson wins that crown hands down), but the drawings are so charming that you forgive her the occasional bump in the text.

Thoroughly recommended, anyway, by M (age 4) and me (age 36).

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