03 February 2008

Things wot I have watched

I've had a bit of a purple patch recently. Yes, I actually tore myself away from the computer, and managed to sit down and look at a bit of telly. Hey, I even went out to the cinema and saw a film. My god. How retro.

Scores on the doors:
  • Torchwood. I can't resist the lure of Captain Jack and co. No, not that Captain Jack (he's currently in need of a jolly good wash, and is skulking around until Saturday, when he becomes Captain Jack the Theatre Cat and gets taken to see Cats at the Theatre Royal. But I digress). It's fast, laugh-out-loud funny, and had James Marsters in episode 1. What's not to like? 10/10
  • Stuart Little. What else do you do on a drizzly, dank, cold and grey Saturday afternoon, than go to the local charity shop, buy a video for 50p, and have a Saturday matinee? We made popcorn, cinema tickets and got a torch to show the customers (me, R, M and several stuffed toys) to their seats. I'd forgotten how funny the film is - that cat is a killer. 8/10
  • The West Wing (series 2, ep 1&2). Genius. But oh the hair! 10/10 (with possible big hair deductions)
  • My Kid Could Paint That. Intriguing. I like to splash a bit of paint about now and again (sadly, not worth $25,000 a pop) as does my two-year-old, so this was interesting. I'm sure she did paint lots of stuff. Whether it was directed (unwittingly or not) was another matter. I know when I'm doing painting with M, I often say things like "look, here's an empty bit of paper", "why don't you try it with a brush", and all sorts of stuff in an encouraging manner - you can't help it. It would be really odd if you sat there in silence. Made you think, 9/10.
So not a bad haul. I could also critique Kipper (not bad, if you don't mind Martin Clunes being a bit whiny occasionally), Pingu (theme tune gets a bit repetitive) and Shaun the Sheep (sheer brilliance), but I've run out of energy.

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