14 February 2008

It's all for charidee

Peach over at the Peach blog is putting together a book of blog posts to be sold in aid of War Child, which is a simply brilliant idea.

There must be hundreds of bloggers out there writing all kinds of lovely stuff which is hidden away on the interweb, and unless you spend hours and hours following all the links, you'd never come across it. This way, you get to see a whole cross-section of fascinating stuff, work out who you like the look of, and then drop in to see what their blog is like. Oh, and raise some money for a rather good cause as well.

Go here to submit a post, then remember to buy a book (from the fiendishly clever lulu.com).

I've submitted a ramble about French football and the delights of going to footie matches with my dad, which may not be quite serious enough. Ah well, at least I've tried.

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