15 September 2007

Arts Corner: Sparkle

And so it did. Sparkle is a pretty little British rom-com, just the thing for a grey and windy night in Newcastle. Boy on the make (Shaun Evans, a younger version of JRT - it's a hair thing) sleeps with potential boss (Stockard Channing), gets job, meets lovely girl (Amanda Ryan) and falls in love - but she just happens to be the boss's daughter. Oh dear. Bob Hoskins and Anthony Head are around to dispense some charm and wisdom, and it all turns out ok in the end. As it always does.

I'd not seen a good British urban rom-com since Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Lawrence, and I'd forgotten how nice it is to laugh a bit, cry a bit (I'm a terrible weeper at films - don't ever sit next to me in the cinema unless you can put up with a lot of sniffling) and smile at a happy ending. And all done in a proper accent.

Actually, that was the only thing that jarred for me - Stockard Channing's English accent. She sounded fine - I just can't get used to seeing her as anything other than the First Lady.

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