10 July 2007

Rhyme and reason

For all those of you fed up to the back teeth with singing "horsey, horsey don't you stop", here's the alternative versions (thanks Clair). I think Ladybird, Ladybird is probably my favourite - it and several others should be taught to an elite group of small children who could infiltrate schools across the country to try and subvert the sickening tweeness that passes for children's entertainment at the moment.


Clair said...

Nice new blog layout, Rach!

I have a friend whose parents came from Pakistan, and who didn't know any nursery rhymes - when I heard her singing ' Always Coca-Cola' to her first kid, I immediately went out and bought a classic nursery rhymes tape. And isn't it funny how ALL kids love Horsey, Horsey? It must be all that getting jiggy with it.

Rach said...

Glad you like the layout!

Yes, the horsey thing is weird. They all go mad for it. That and Sleeping Bunnies (maybe it's the action songs they all like?). Although it's nauseating, Sleeping Bunnies does have the best line -

See the little bunnies sleeping till it's nearly noon,
Shall we try and wake them, with a merry tune?
Why so still? Are they ill?
Wake up soon.

I always want to yell "yes it's myxomatosis" at this point.