08 July 2007

Remember, children, it'll all lead to doom and gloom in the end

You know, I'm probably way way behind the times, but social networking is fun. In fact, this Facebook business could get addictive. I finally got round to setting up a profile, searching for friends, and having a good nose about. The whole world (under 25) seems to be on there, and at least they're not drivelling on quite so irritatingly as they are on Twitter, which I looked at once for a whole ooh, 15 seconds, before deciding that it really wasn't for me.

Others that have completely passed me by include myspace (the design just drives me crazy, although do check out the superbly fantastic 35yd beat experiment site) and flikr (I don't take enough photos of anything apart from my family, and I don't like the idea of those floating round in cyberspace, no matter how well-protected). Maybe I'm just getting old. Or it might be the fact that the little spare internet time I have is taken up with blogging (I seem to have been doing this since 2002 in one form or another, which is a little scary).


Anonymous said...

When even I'm on it, Facebook must be OK. Got fed up of being bullied by brother. Mind you I technically have accounts on other such sites, having been encouraged by friends to join, but those are really just so I can view their pages. Technology, huh?

Rach said...

Me too - most of the times I've joined other stuff it's just so I can have a neb at what other people are up to. It'll be interesting to see just how long I can keep this Facebook stuff up for!