31 May 2007

Drink: yes, please.

At last. Some sensible comment on the whole drinking while pregnant shenanigans. I didn't really drink much at all while pregnant with M - it wasn't so much that I thought it was wrong, more the fact that I really went off the taste, especially of wine. And as that's what I normally drink, it didn't really occur to me to have much else.

Mind, I did rather get to like champagne, although that was probably due to the fact that I had to attend five weddings while the size of a house. Watching as your friends and relatives got steadily plastered was mildly entertaining for the first couple of outings, but got steadily less amusing as time went on. There's also nothing quite like agreeing to be a bridesmaid for your best friend and watching in growing panic as your dress looks smaller and smaller the closer the wedding gets.

Whereas now, I'm happy to knock back whatever wine I can get my hands on. Small children drive you to it, your honour, what with the endless requests for "read a book Mummy" (after a week of reading particularly inane rubbish about cuttings, recalcitrant trucks and patronising Fat Controllers I could throttle Thomas the sodding Tank Engine) and "bounce, Mummy, bounce".


Anonymous said...

Friends are so mean!

Rach said...

I know...but I'll get my own back. It's only a matter of time before they have to go through the same thing!