20 March 2007


Watching Red Nose Day last Friday (hey, I'm always renowned for my topical posts, me) I was struck by the fact that there seemed to have been an invasion of small pixie men. Stand up (on a box) David Tennant, Richard Hammond, Mark Owen et al. All fairly interchangeable, when you look closely (although I'd be worried if I ever came across Mark Owen wielding a sonic screwdriver, given that he tends to waggle his microphone about an awful lot and looks like he's going to poke Gary Barlow in the eye or somewhere equally painful at some point in the future. Or is that just wishful thinking?).

Anyway, what is itabout them that makes them popular? At the risk of sounding like my Nanna, I just don't get it. Is it the artful bed-hair (and no, Russell Brand, I darkly suspect that (a) you've overdone matters slightly and (b) you're about 2ft too tall)? The sparkly blue eyes? The short pixie legs (note, you never see Richard Hammond's shoes - are you sure they're not pointy green boots?)? Answers on a postcard please, to Confused of Gateshead.

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