28 April 2012

I get the feeling we may be turning Finnglish...

  • We own 4 Moomin mugs, several rugs, and a Marimekko/Iittala glass bowl.
  • We love skiing, skating, piima and rye bread. Karelian pies and munavoi produce shrieks of delight.
  • We've grilled sausages in a grilli hut in the middle of the forest in the snow.
  • It's normal to sit naked in the sauna with a bunch of strangers (at the swimming pool), or with friends.
Mind, there's still a few things we need to work on. Salmiakki is the work of the devil, and mammi is just plain weird. And it would be nice if spring came a little sooner...

Anyway, the final evidence comes with the fact that we bought a proper bbq today, for the first time ever (our last one cost 2.99 from Wilkinsons). Here's how it arrived:

With a bit of judicious screwdriver work (not from me, I might add, I was busy doing some gardening), it then looked like this:

Ta da! The final result:

Soon we'll be able to grill sausages to our heart's content on our back verandah. As soon as we've tracked down a gas bottle...

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