01 January 2012

New Year's Day

Today was amazingly cold and clear, the perfect fresh start for the new year. We've been very busy:

1. Hunting for yeti at Lykynlampi.

2. Sledging and stomping about in the cold at Lykynlampi, including venturing out onto the frozen lake.

3. Eating doughnuts at the Lykynlampi cafe. Very important.

4. Scoffing toad in the hole, with sausages smuggled back from England.

5. Using M's new telescope to see the craters on the moon, Jupiter, and several old rockets circling the Earth.

6. Telling our fortunes for the year ahead, using some tin horseshoes, a ladle and a bucket of water.

Orb had what looked like a crazy cross between Homer Simpson and a Cavalier, mine was either a nest full of birds or a witch, and M had a dragon. But whatever the new year holds, I think it will be an exciting one...

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