15 February 2011


And thrice bah. I'm ill with tonsilitis, stuck in the house and grumpy as hell. What I really want to be doing is pottering about in the sunshine in the garden, secateurs and trowel in hand. There's also the small matter of an allotment, which I may have not visited since about October (ahem).

Instead, I'm whiling away the hours feeling guilty about not working and listening to Radio 4. Now I love Radio 4 dearly, but I haven't half listened to some tat over the last few days. Melodramatic dramas. Pseudo-intellectual discussions (yes, most of those involved you, Mr Bragg). Incomprehensible (and unfunny) comedies.

Oddly enough, the best of the lot was You and Yours. Don't laugh. I know it's normally terrible. But yesterday they had an inspired segment on the PR stories they'd been sent which were tenuously linked to Valentines Day. It made me howl with laughter (quietly, of course).

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