11 January 2011


M has a lovely book called Sushi for Kids by Kaoru Ono, which is designed to introduce kids to sushi by following the story of Atsushi and his cat. It's full of beautiful illustrations, and has some really easy recipes at the end.

So at the weekend, we had a go at making nigirizushi and norimaki, which were great fun. We

  • cooked some sushi rice, making sure it was on the al dente side
  • made a vinegar dressing to sprinkle over the top (with rice vinegar, sugar and salt)
  • sliced up some smoked salmon and cucumber
Here's the results. First of all, the nigirizushi. These were dead easy to make - although the rice does have a tendency to stick to your hands.

Then we had a go at the norimaki - sushi wrapped in a seaweed roll. We found the seaweed wrappers in Sainsbury's (I suspect they will be cheaper in some of the supermarkets in Chinatown in Newcastle).

M enjoyed layering up the rice and fillings. We don't have a rolling mat, but found that greaseproof paper works just as well. Here's the finished product:

M took the leftovers to school yesterday for her packed lunch, which flummoxed the dinner ladies somewhat...


Sally said...

Just ordered this on Amazon - looks amazing!

rach said...

Sally: Hope you and Flea enjoy the book as much as we did - we've now had to go to the local Chinese supermarket to track down some more supplies!