02 December 2010

Too much snow

I may have had enough of the snow now. I've got Christmas cards to write, presents to wrap, and a small girl to shoehorn into a costume for next week's nativity play at school. Enough with the snowflakes!

Other things I haven't had chance to do yet (mostly food-related):

  • an exciting peanut butter taste text (the nice people over at Whole Earth have sent us some to review...but the sledging has kind of got in the way a bit)
  • make our Christmas cake (I'm going back to the 2008 version)
  • build the annual IKEA gingerbread house (learning from previous years, we won't be putting smarties on the roof, as the cat likes to lick them!)
  • make mince pies (we did the mincemeat on stir up Sunday)
  • make some crafty crackers (although this year, we'll be using tissue paper - it took superhuman levels of strength to pull last year's lot)
Eek. That's quite a lot to get done over the next couple of weeks...

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