09 November 2010


I've been trying to do lots of new, exciting (and/or terrifying) things over the last couple of months. I figured now that M was at school, I'd have a bit more space to give some new things a go. So far that's included:

  • playing netball again for the first time since I was 15 (sadly, it now takes rather longer to recover from a training session than it did then)
  • buying a mountain bike, and zooming along some very level forest paths
  • going to see a couple of radio shows recorded for the Radio 3 Free Thinking festival
  • going to a speedmatching event run by the lovely people at the Media Trust, and meeting some amazing local charities

Coming up over the next month:

  • I'm going to the Newcastle Arena to see A-ha play their farewell tour (they'd better be good - I've been dying to see them live since I was 10)
  • on Friday, I'll be giving a seminar to a group of academics about editing and proofreading journal articles
  • I'm heading to a workshop to learn how to make knitted Christmas decorations
Phew. I'll be either thoroughly exhilarated, or completely terrified by Christmas...

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