14 September 2010

Days out, no456: Souter lighthouse

It's not quite as 'iconic' as Fraggle Rock, but Souter lighthouse is great for a cheap day out.

You have to pay to go in the lighthouse itself (unless you're a National Trust member), but there's all sorts to do in and around the grounds that's free. [I should point out, we thoroughly recommend going inside - it's fascinating. You can see the old lighthouse keeper's cottages, climb to the top of the tower and see the light, and most importantly dress up in pirate costumes.]

We like:
  • visiting the vegetable garden and playing spot the vegetable
  • clambering over the pirate ship and train in the walled garden
  • buying ice creams in the shop (mini Milks are only 40p)
  • following the cliff-top path along and then down to a fantastic pebbled beach - there's lots of scope for skimming pebbles, rockpooling and general scrambling about
Usually it's blowing a force 9 gale - there's lots of space for flying a kite too.

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