19 August 2010

Denmark day 5

Today’s been a day of travelling, which means putting the foldy beast down and up. Thankfully it didn’t rain – that’s one of the problems with folding down a caravan like ours – you have to have a dry roof and walls, or everything else inside gets soaked when it folds. Which means a lot of wiping with a squeegee and towels.

I took a picture of the bathrooms before we left Grenaa Strand Camping – they're just as impressive as the kitchen set-up. Apart from the showers, which are designed for 6’6” blond Danish chaps/Vikings, and spray cold water onto mere mortals of 5' 7".

But showers aside, we liked Grenaa Strand Camping – the woodland setting is beautiful, the beaches extraordinary, and the facilities excellent. Out of season in the middle of August, it’s amazingly quiet – perfect if you want to get away from it all. We were sad to leave.

But leave we did. After packing everything back into the car (M was just visible in the back seat under a huge pile of duvets, soft toys and notebooks), we headed a couple of hours north to North Jutland. We’re staying at the Jambo Feriepark in Saltum, on the North Sea coast.

The area’s not as wooded as Djursland, and has a different feel. For a start, it's certainly far windier - we saw hundreds of wind turbines as we travelled along the motorway. Putting the caravan up was also a tad on the challenging side.

The Jambo Feriepark is a bit smaller than Grenaa Strand, but feels like it has far more caravans – here’s the view from our front door. Weirdly, they all seem to have the same awning...pegged out onto decking. I think most of them must be permanent.

Jambo's got more of a holiday park feel with rules and regs for this and that, and more facilities, like an on-site restaurant and indoor badminton courts. M loved the huge bouncing pillow (like a giant trampoline), which I had a sneaky go on too. She and Orb also hired a large tricycle, and roamed around the site. Here they are, giggling like loons:

Instead of cooking, we tried out the restaurant/café, and had some pretty decent pizzas (after five days in Denmark, we give up – we can’t eat any more pork!). Aside from the mad shower policy (it's 8 DKK for 3 minutes, which must make them the most expensive showers in history), the place seems pretty good so far.

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