18 March 2010

Today we have mostly been...

...eating licorice.

Well, not all day. I did some work this morning, and me and M went to a ballet lesson this afternoon (not that I was allowed to do ballet with the four-year-olds, you understand - my duties were strictly confined to sitting outside and knitting the interminable pink ballet wrap).

But we did spend a while eating licorice. That's quite unusual, I grant you, but we were sent some cherry licorice to try (see above) by the lovely people at Panda. Not one to pass up such a momentous opportunity, I assembled a rigorous group of testers (two four-year-olds and a two-year-old), a couple of adults to take notes, and we gave it a go.

Each child was issued with one ration of ordinary licorice, and another of the cherry variety. Raisins were on standby for those who found the whole thing a bit much.

After a lot of chomping, it was a pretty unanimous thumbs down for the cherry version (sorry Panda). Everyone liked their ordinary licorice, but only M loved the cherry variety. I blame her Grandpa - he's got a sweet tooth too. As the other half said, it's a brilliant sweet, but only as long as you're not expecting it to taste like licorice.

Tomorrow, we rigorously test fizzy drinks. Just kidding. They all live on local organic free-range stuff farmed by dolphins by moonlight the rest of the time, you know.

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