25 February 2010

Recipe roundup

We've been hard at work trying out some new recipes this month. My selection seems to get stranger (and by that I mean less coherent) - maybe that's because so many of the regular recipes that we make are already documented in Recipes for Millie, so it's only the fancy new ones that get blogged about. There's over 250 recipes up there now, which is scary!

So far this month, we appear to have eaten:

Pasta with anchovies, broccoli and stilton
Ginger cheesecake
Kipper flan (this was a real 1970s throwback!)
Wheat tortillas
Carrot and marmalade muffins
Seville orange marmalade
Fish pie
Pork and olive stew

Still to go up: szechuan pork, hot cross buns (no, I don't think we ate them together!). I think my favourite so far was the ginger cheesecake (warning, if you're coming to eat at our house any time soon, this may well show up on the menu!).

Still to try out: I was given the Rachel Allen book, Bake, for Christmas - and there's an apple cake in there with my name on.

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