23 January 2009

Recipes for Millie

As some of you may know, I write another blog called Recipes for Millie. It's a simple idea (and one nicked largely from the Sainted Nigel Slater whose Kitchen Diaries are marvellous) - I'm writing down all the things I cook (maybe over a year or two), with a view to parcelling them up in a book at some point, to give to my three-year-old when she's grown up.

I'd love to know what my Mum fed us in the depths of the 1970s on a daily basis - I know about the fancier dishes that she made like spaghetti bolognese and her special fishy pizza - but even then the versions both she and I now make have probably become corrupted over the years. There's probably a lot more olive oil sloshed around the place for a start. So I thought M might enjoy looking back on the sort of things we ate in the late 2000s, when she gets to a nostalgic sort of age.

The blog's been going since July 2008, and gets a fair amount of random traffic via Google - not surprisingly it's mostly people searching for recipes. At the moment, staying in must be the new going out, because visitor numbers tend to peak on Fridays. And parsnips are surprisingly popular.

The current top 10 recipes are:

1. Chicken, ham and leek pie
2. Bacon and parsnip pasta
3. Smoked salmon, lemon and courgette pasta
4. Roast pork with especially crispy crackling
5. Black halibut and parma ham parcels (sounds very poncey this one, I do admit)
6. Toad in the hole
7. Onion and goat's cheese tart
8. Lamb, aubergine and apricot tagine
9. Chicken and spinach pie
10. Pork tenderloin stuffed with prunes

Of course now I've gone and skewed the results by linking to them, but you get the picture. It just goes to show that (a) you can't beat a good pie and (b) there's a lot of carnivores out there.


Sally said...

What a fantastic idea for a blog - I'm quite inspired to do the same for my three year old. Although being 3, 95% of her diet consists of two meals, alternated - dry Rice Krispies and pasta with pesto.

rach said...

Sally: don't know what it is about three-year-olds and dried cereal - Millie loves dried Cheerios or granola muesli...