14 May 2008

It's all work, work, work, you know

I've got a bit of a love-hate relationship with work at the moment. On the one hand, I start panicking if there's no work to do. On the other, I like to whinge when I've spent every evening for the last two weeks working on stuff for clients.

Boo hiss. There's no happy medium. It's probably a control thing, somewhere along the line. It usually is with me.

Anyway, aside from the work (which has to be finished by Saturday, when I hop off to sunny France for a week), I have
  • sat in the Free Trade's beer garden on Saturday, with an old school lemonade and lime
  • eaten a picnic in the sunshine at Aydon Castle on Sunday
  • shivered around Jesmond Dene and pets corner on Monday (only being revived by tea and a ridiculously large scone in the cafe)
  • scaled huge walls on Monday evening (I climbed three 5bs! Hurrah for knackered fingers!)
  • spent the afternoon reading terrible, terrible children's books in Gateshead library yesterday (moral of this tale, never let the two-year-old pick)
  • collected an ice-cream maker from a lovely Freecycle member today
I can see that the last one is going to be ideal procrastination fodder over the next few weeks, surpassing even the making of cakes. Let the ice-cream battle commence...

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