17 December 2006

Arts Corner - The Holiday

Or Holiday from Hell, as I like to call it. Now come on Jack Black, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslet. Did any of you actually read the script? Did it not occur to you that (a) it was about two hours too long (b) full of cliches, and (c) corny as hell? What were you thinking? Or were the dollar signs rolling in front of your eyes?

Actually, it was quite fun to watch - in a 'oh my god it's so terrible it's really good' kind of way. Top tips include:
  • outstanding Telegraph product placement
  • the snowy lands of Surrey, where snow appears and disappears from shot to shot
  • Cameron Diaz running for a mile along a 'snowy' lane in stiletto heels without pausing for thought
  • Jude Law smirking in every scene
  • the old bloke who can't walk miraculously discovering that he can run up stairs
And I'm proud to say that I laughed hysterically at the bit in the car at the end when Cameron Diaz finally learns that she can cry (sorry everyone else in the cinema who was blubbing into their hankies at that point).

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